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Social Media for Authors

Be more effective on social media!

If you're an author, social media is a great way to engage with your readers; and if you're a fan of fiction an opportunity to interact with your favourite writers. Each month I'll be posting tips and advice on how to be truly impactful on social media and manage your time better to focus on all the other things you need to take care of too!

September 2021: 4 Easy Steps To Launching Your YouTube and SoundCloud Channels - Even if you are camera and mic shy!

FOCUS ON: SoundCloud and YouTube

I'll be honest, despite being keen to turn my hand to many social media tools and opportunities, I've been resisting audio and video.


It's not because establishing YouTube and SoundCloud channels is difficult - and I'll show you how to here - but as I have the double whammy of:

"Having a face for a radio," and "not having a voice for audio."

You can put the violins away. I don't need sympathy as I have a nice trick thanks to a new tool  -  Woord  -  that Rishabh Sharma drew my attention to in his excellent article How to Add Audio Narrations to Your Medium Stories. I won't repeat his advice, but would recommend you have a read of his article.

Instead, I'll be guiding you through how you can take the audio output from Woord and use it as content on both SoundCloud and YouTube (yes, you can publish audio on YouTube too!).

soundcloud screenshot2.jpg
youtube screenshot.jpg

July 2021: To Schedule Or Not To Schedule - That Is The Social Media Question

FOCUS ON: Scheduling tools

Which of these statements do you agree with?

A) Social media is important to my writing career and I wish I was better at it

B) Social media is a complete waste of time, I don’t why people bother with it

If you’re in Camp B, you can stop reading now (I’d rather you didn’t though) - although I hope I can persuade you to read on. But if you’re siding with Camp A, social media doesn’t have to be difficult. And I’m not talking about taking shortcuts at the expense of the quality of your content.

So what do you need to do to make your social media life and easier and more effective? Does this holy grail exist? Let’s take a look.

hootsuite 1.jpg

June 2021: Can ProWritingAid take your writing to the next level?

FOCUS ON: ProWritingAid

First things first - this month’s article isn’t about social media! 


My general intention is to share insights and tools which can help the writer be more effective using social media and make it an integral part of your marketing arsenal. That said, if the writing we produce isn’t up to scratch, being a master on Twitter or Facebook will only draw potential readers to work that still needs a bit of polish. That’s where ProWritingAid (PWA) could be your secret weapon.


May 2021: Don't get in a pixel!


OK, get ready and tick off how many of these you’re familiar with.

  • Tweet

  • Fleet

  • Instagram Post

  • Instagram Story

  • Facebook post

  • Facebook Story

  • LinkedIn banner

  • Facebook Ad

  • Instagram Ad

  • Pinterest Pin

You get the picture. You may only know some of these formats.


April 2021: Wonky by name but not by nature

FOCUS ON: Followerwonk

Despite not having the most engaging name, Followerwonk provides an invaluable service that no serious user of social media should overlook – understanding their followers. 


Be honest, you probably know how many social media followers you have across Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook etc, but do you know much more about them? Do they largely match the demographic of your intended audience and objectives for your work?

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