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With more than 40 reviews and reviews across Amazon sites, consistently good ratings and a former bestseller on Amazon, here's what readers are saying about The Codex File.

“Entertaining and online-scary. It should easily please thriller addicts as well as mystery lovers alike.” [Amazon]


"This is one of those stories where you truly don't know who will come out on top until the very end...even then you aren't sure.." [Amazon


"This book has all the elements of a great mystery, thriller, fiction read. It captured my attention from the first paragraph to the end." [Amazon


"If you like books with a thought-provoking plot then you’ll love this one." [Amazon]


"A clever cyber-thriller for Dan Brown fans. It grabs you with a sickly twisted beginning and yanks you through. Scared me to death, which made for a really compelling plot" [Amazon


"This is an exciting book, one that a person can hardly wait to read again. Remindful of Farhenheit 451, but nothing is as it seems." [Amazon

The Codex File was a bestseller topping the free Thrillers chart
on Amazon

The Codex file - a Kindle bestseller on
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