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A Writer for Medium and Vocal

If you haven't discovered blogging platforms MEDIUM and VOCAL you're missing out - whether as a writer or  a reader of great content!


I took the plunge at the beginning of May with Medium and Vocal in September. Both give me an avenue to a voice I didn't know I had on issues that matter to me. This is the perfect counterpoint to complement my creative and novel writing.

So far, my articles are focusing on seven areas. Click on one if you want to read more:

Best of all, Medium and Vocal are FREE to get started with, whether as a writer or an avid reader.

If you want to enhance your experience on and increase the number of articles you can read on Medium, why not sign-up to be a full member. [Note - if you choose to sign-up from this link then I will get a small referral fee]

I hope you'll want to check out what else I'm writing about, but there are also thousands of other talented writers there I know you'll enjoy - so go check it out!

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Visit my Medium profile for more details

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