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My Books - Hedon's Gate

Hedon's Gate - coming in 2022

  • Zahava Lee is looking for her next big scoop 

  • A serial killer is stalking the population of a London university – with social media being the calling card for sharing the details of his crimes   

  • Hedon's Gate, a new designer drug from Eastern Europe has made its way onto the streets of Manchester and London, and has become the killer’s weapon of choice. 


Ambitious journalist, Zahava Lee, has the biggest story of her career – trying to catch The Campus Killer who is terrorising a London university. The only problem is the serial murderer wants her to tell the story his way and publish it online, a move that may cost Zahava her life in the process. 


The Campus Killer is weaving his way through the hedonism of undergraduate life seeking revenge on Claudia Devoy and those around her. With Claudia and her friends posting the details of their lives online through social media, he easily tracks her movements and closes in on the woman he once knew as she relentlessly wrecks lives through pursuing the men she wants.  


Infiltrating a new London university awash with a cocktail of drink, sexual promiscuity and the presence of a deadly new designer drug, Zahava investigates a possible link between Hedon’s Gate and deaths in Manchester and London and walks headlong into London’s newest serial killer. With an Eastern European drug gang hunting down dealers threatening their product, an increasing number of student drug deaths from a serial killer on the loose, and her own movements being tracked online, can Zahava stop the savage completing his macabre plan? Can The Campus Killer keep his identity hidden long enough to end the effects of Claudia’s destructive influence?

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