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My Books - Cross on the hill

  (Note: illustrative cover only)  

Cross on the hill - coming in the future


  • millionaire, Daniel Cartwright, is the only survivor of a plane crash who believes that God spared him to take up his teachings.

  • Kelly Prestwick, a bright young student disappears from university to join obscure religious cult, the Order of the Cross on the Hill, founded and run by millionaire, Daniel Cartwright.

  • A university professor whose own daughter believes she was abducted by aliens.

  • Predictions that are made during the sacrament at the Order’s rural retreat, and which unaccountably appear on their web site, are starting to come true.

  • And a group of sceptics whose mission is to disprove the paranormal or the unexplained are starting to take notice of the cult as it brings unwanted interest to the local area.


For Professor Gideon Rothschild, life is beginning to get complicated when personal and professional worries begin to blur following the inexplicable decision of a talented student to leave university to join a local religious cult. Asked to investigate by the university, he soon discovers that not only is the cult’s founder having strange visions and making ambitious and dangerous predictions, but they’re starting to come true.


But the more Rothschild finds out about the Order of the Cross on the Hill the closer he comes to believing that maybe his own daughter’s ‘alien abduction’ was more real than he first thought, despite his own personal prejudices and those of a group of investigators he setup to debunk the paranormal.


As the line between religious phenomena, paranormal encounters, and near death experiences become increasingly blurred, Rothschild faces a desperate race against time. The Order of the Cross on the Hill has predicted a terrible disaster, and the talented student who brought him into contact with this shadowy cult is planning on sacrificing herself to the cause.


Can he prevent this ominous prediction from coming true and save the student from taking her own life? And more importantly can he beat his own personal demons to uncover what really happened to his daughter the night she disappeared?


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