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The Codex file
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The Codex file - available now


Forget everything you think you know about the internet. If you think nefarious web sites peddling a cocktail of online scams, illegal pornography, racial hatred and vicious computer viruses was all you had to worry about - think again. The government has banned access to the internet and the world wide web, dubbing it an illegal, unregulated zone. Sounds good news doesn't it, until you know that its replacement controls every aspect of your life, from digital content, provision of your gas, water and electricity, and all your money. And with everything and everybody connected, we're all now potential targets if we oppose it. 


Do you still feel safe? 




Welcome to the future of the internet. Welcome to the Codex file. 


Michael Robertson’s family has been murdered to protect the covert government project linked to establishing a new internet. Piecing together what happened leads him to four computers hackers, vehemently opposed to the new network, who provide the only means to hunt down the killers. But uncovering the truth leads to industrial espionage and a plot that leads right to the heart of government as he seeks the truth behind the Codex file. 

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Hedon's Gate - KDP cover.JPG

Hedon's Gate - coming in 2022

  • Zahava Lee is looking for her next big scoop 

  • A serial killer is stalking the population of a London university – with social media being the calling card for sharing the details of his crimes   

  • Hedon's Gate, a new designer drug from Eastern Europe has made its way onto the streets of Manchester and London, and has become the killer’s weapon of choice. 


Ambitious journalist, Zahava Lee, has the biggest story of her career – trying to catch The Campus Killer who is terrorising a London university. The only problem is the serial murderer wants her to tell the story his way and publish it online, a move that may cost Zahava her life in the progress. 


The Campus Killer is weaving his way through the hedonism of undergraduate life seeking revenge on Claudia Devoy and those around her. With Claudia and her friends posting the details of their lives online through social media, he easily tracks her movements and closes in on the woman he once knew as she relentlessly wrecks lives through pursuing the men she wants.  


Infiltrating a new London university awash with a cocktail of drink, sexual promiscuity and the presence of a deadly new designer drug, Zahava investigates a possible link between Hedon’s Gate and deaths in Manchester and London and walks headlong into London’s newest serial killer. With an Eastern European drug gang hunting down dealers threatening their product, an increasing number of student drug deaths from a serial killer on the loose, and her own movements being tracked online, can Zahava stop the savage completing his macabre plan? Can The Campus Killer keep his identity hidden long enough to end the effects of Claudia’s destructive influence?

Cross on the hill


Cross on the hill












Miles Etherton

(Note: illustrative cover only)

Cross on the hill - coming in the future


  • millionaire, Daniel Cartwright, is the only survivor of a plane crash who believes that God spared him to take up his teachings.

  • Kelly Prestwick, a bright young student disappears from university to join obscure religious cult, the Order of the Cross on the Hill, founded and run by millionaire, Daniel Cartwright.

  • A university professor whose own daughter believes she was abducted by aliens.

  • Predictions that are made during the sacrament at the Order’s rural retreat, and which unaccountably appear on their web site, are starting to come true.

  • And a group of sceptics whose mission is to disprove the paranormal or the unexplained are starting to take notice of the cult as it brings unwanted interest to the local area.


For Professor Gideon Rothschild, life is beginning to get complicated when personal and professional worries begin to blur following the inexplicable decision of a talented student to leave university to join a local religious cult. Asked to investigate by the university, he soon discovers that not only is the cult’s founder having strange visions and making ambitious and dangerous predictions, but they’re starting to come true.


But the more Rothschild finds out about the Order of the Cross on the Hill the closer he comes to believing that maybe his own daughter’s ‘alien abduction’ was more real than he first thought, despite his own personal prejudices and those of a group of investigators he setup to debunk the paranormal.


As the line between religious phenomena, paranormal encounters, and near death experiences become increasingly blurred, Rothschild faces a desperate race against time. The Order of the Cross on the Hill has predicted a terrible disaster, and the talented student who brought him into contact with this shadowy cult is planning on sacrificing herself to the cause.


Can he prevent this ominous prediction from coming true and save the student from taking her own life? And more importantly can he beat his own personal demons to uncover what really happened to his daughter the night she disappeared?


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