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My blog has moved to Medium!

If you're reading this you'll know that supporting authors, in particular, to be more effective on social media is one of my passions. I'm practising what I preach and have recently signed up to the Medium blogging platform.​ In future, my blogs will be posted there, but linked to from here, so there'll always be easy to find and will focus on writing issues and much more. If you enjoy my posts, you'll also be able to follow me through Medium too! Thanks for your support.​

Go to my Medium blog or click the links below.


My blog posts


I’m A Top Writer In Social Media Apparently — Can Someone Tell Me Why?

Trying to understand the mystery of Medium’s algorithm

top writer.jpg

Is Writing On Medium A Mid-Life Crisis?

What compels us to pour out our inner thoughts?

Mid life crisis.jpg

We Need to Talk About Race - does unconscious bias influence how you write and describe others?

Are we consistently and fairly writing about race issues, or are we letting our words slip into unconscious biases?

We need to talk about race

Saying no to vaccine nationalism — we’re not safe until everyone is safe

7.18 billion people have yet to receive any form of vaccine — and for huge swathes of this number, there is no prospect and the risk of contracting the virus or dying from it seems a far higher possibility.

Saying no to vaccine nationalism

But when will I have time to write? - explores how as an author you're expecting to write and edit your next literary masterpiece as well as market your work, hold down a job and much else besides!

But when will I have time to write?
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