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About Me



I am a historian with a special interest in WWII and modern-day technologies. 

I like to explore the darker side of our existence, and in particular the murkier depths of the online world. I enjoy melting intriguing facts into captivating fiction–not for the fainthearted–in my cyber-thrillers. 

I love the internet and the online world. What if one of the greatest technological advances we’ve made, would be misused? What if the freedom of the internet has turned on its users? Imagine devious minds having their way with our data… it makes for fascinating ideas to explore in writing.

If you love cyber & conspiracy thrillers then why not come along for the ride! Are you brave enough?


Our publishing house, CITY STONE PUBLISHING, is an imaginative and enthusiastic publishing company providing support to independent writers worldwide.

Our ambition is to publish high-quality fiction and non-fiction, especially from undiscovered writers.

One thing we feel strongly about is for authors to keep full control and ownership of their books.

We at City Stone Publishing do not strive to take away your copyright and ownership; we offer the use of our name which can include an ISBN or more if so required.

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I am a passionate advocate for a global society that is transnational in its nature and not driven by destructive nationalism; for societies that are fair, just, without prejudice or discrimination, and where the wealth of our planet isn't concentrated in a few people or corporations while millions are in poverty as we stumble into climate disaster.


I believe in a European union for the collective good, but not through the current EU structure which needs to be improved. I am a member of the Democracy in Europe Movement 25 (DiEM25) that is fighting for a more democratic, fairer, greener and just Europe, including through its Green New Deal for Europe initiative. 

If you're interested in learning more, checkout the links above, or follow me on Twitter.

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