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City Stone Publishing

We are an imaginative and enthusiastic publishing company providing support to independent writers worldwide.

Our ambition is to publish high-quality fiction and non-fiction, especially from undiscovered writers.

At City Stone Publishing, we offer a personalised service designed to bring out the best of your writing potential in ways that suit you as a writer.

Whether you’re after a full publishing package, or just some support in one area to complement your activities, we have a range of options
that will meet your needs.

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About Us



We deliver excellent publishing services for authors who wish to be independently published, whether we provide custom cover designs, typesetting for paperbacks, or complete packages for your road to self-publishing.

One thing we feel strongly about is for authors to keep full control and ownership of their books. We do not strive to take away your copyright and ownership, we offer the use of our name which includes an ISBN or more if so required.

If you find the publishing process difficult or a mystery, let us take the strain for you.


We at City Stone Publishing want to be the umbrella for your publishing journey. That is why we have created three packages: BRONZESILVER, and GOLD.

For a hassle-free publishing journey, go with City Stone Publishing.

Our services include:

  • Proofreading, copy-editing, & line-editing (a full edit) – see also here

  • Blurb – back cover text

  • Cover – both for paperback & e-book

  • Typesetting for paperback & e-book

  • ISBN allocation under the name/umbrella of City Stone Publishing

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